Atoka offers full-comprehensive XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) and XRD (X-Ray Diffracton) analyzations. Atoka is using the highest quality Olympus devices, which allow us to complete chemical and mineral analysis for all stages of your exploration.  At Atoka we know that time is money, therefore we guarantee results in 7 days or less.

What is XRF?

XRF is used to quickly and accurately identify elements within your well. These elements can help identify zone boundaries and fracture potential.


What is XRD?

XRD is used to identify and quantify the mineralogy of your cores or drill cuttings.


With the Olympus BTX profiler (combined XRD and XRF) and the handheld Delta Professional Geochemical Analyzer (XRF); let Atoka be your Number One servicer to provide you with a comprehensive materials analysis.

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