The use of Surface geochemistry for petroleum exploration was first applied by the russians in 1930s looking for cheap, effective ways to target oil traps. following the oil price collapse in 1986, i Saw the practical sense these methods made in the uS.

atoka WAS founded on the principle that an operator does not need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to significantly decrease dryhole risk. I focused on creating a company environment of quality and collaboration that persist today. Unlike our competitors, we forge meaningful partnerships with operators, and work with them to identify how ATOKA's services can best support their exploration effort. as a Scientist and E&P operator myself, I stand behind these methods and refuse to drill where surface geochem anomalies are not present.                    

- Dr. Steven Tedesco, President

Parallax Effect - Perfected

Iodine as a Reconnaissance Tool
$ 17K
Cost of Seismic (single pass, 180 acres)
55.1 %
Accurate Dryhole Prediction With Seismic Alone
$ 3K
Cost of Soil Sampling (180 acres at 1/10 mile spacing)
91.4 %
Dryhole Prediction of Seismic + Iodine Sampling

Get the Dirt

Soil Sampling DIY

A FIELD SAMPLE IS ONLY AS RELIABLE AS THE COLLECTION METHODS USED. For Operators that would prefer to collect field soil samples themselves and ship to our labs, ATOKA recommends …